‘2012 was positive but the best is yet to come’ says FC boss

Craig Faulconbridge says 2012 has been a positive year for Aylesbury FC but insists he is a hard taskmaster and will never settle for ‘standing still’.

Faulconbridge took over from Steve Smith in May after the club successfully avoided relegation after a tough 2011/12 season.

And the young boss was full of enthusiasm at the time boldly stating: “I want to be in the top five. I don’t like losing.

“I’m a winner and I always have been. I want to win at all costs.”

It has been a steady season so far for the club, but nothing has changed Faulconbridge’s desire to keep pushing on.

He said: “The team were ok when I came in, they weren’t disastrously bad in any way but they were just missing that little bit of quality.

“Consistency was the key thing for me. I wanted to bring in the belief that if we won a game we could go on and win the next one.

“We still need to add players to the team but the last two results and the attitude of the players has excited me.

“I don’t want to settle for ticking along. I want to always push on and strengthen and I’m a bit of a task master in that respect.”

When asked to name a highlight of 2012 the former Coventry man was typically honest.

“I’ve achieved nothing yet, zero,” he said.

“I’m still thirsty and I don’t think we’ve seen a highlight yet.

“The highlights are still to come. The club and Danny took a big chance on making me manager but I’m loving it and I think in the new year we will surprise a few people this season, I really do.

“Keith (Walker, assistant boss) and I want to keep pushing the club on. He’s a great bloke, we are very tight and we’re determined in what we’re trying to achieve.”