Aylesbury kickboxer Cook makes opponent ‘look like an amateur’

Steven Cook
Steven Cook

PROFESSIONAL kickboxer Steven Cook has won the British title after defeating Sean Burton in three rounds.

The Aylesbury fighter’s bout, which was scheduled to last 10 rounds, was ended by the referee on a technical knock-out after some heavy blows from Cook left his opponent reeling.

It was a straightforward victory for ‘The Pocket Rocket’ as he made short work of his Lincoln-based opponent in Rochester on Sunday night.

“We hurt him and made him look silly.

“In round three I caught him with three heavy hooks to the head and had him on the ropes.

“He then came back swinging in desperation and we clashed heads.

“He blamed it on the heads coming together but in reality we barely touched. The referee didn’t notice it and there wasn’t a mark on me.

“They went over the score cards and all three judges had me down as the winner anyway.

“The training was the hardest part. Me and (professional boxer) Nathan Graham have been working hard and sparring with him was probably more difficult than the fight on Sunday.

“We didn’t even get the chance to go through all the stuff we had been working on.

“I made him look amateurish.”

On the same night, amateur fighter Martin Fitzgerald was beaten on points after taking a heavy hit in the opening rounds.