Letters to the editor: ‘Bemused but not surprised’

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Council is acting in wider interest


I MUST admit to being rather bemused (but sadly not surprised), by the local response to the proposal for Sainsbury’s to invest in Thame town centre.

Yes, Thame already has a large supermarket, in the form of Waitrose, but I don’t really think that this is a supermarket where the majority of local residents can afford to do their weekly shop.

I suspect most locals travel to Witney, Princes Risborough and Aylesbury, taking money, employment and the other associated shopping demand away from Thame.

The recent Mary Portas report highlighted the major threat to town centre shopping is the availability of affordable parking close to the centre of towns, and as long as the proposal ensures ‘reasonable’ parking facilities (ie without the extortionate £50 europark fines), I strongly suspect that Sainsbury will actually create more demand for shopping in Thame, not less.

The biggest threat to Thames shopping centre is in fact the likelihood of another retailer building an out of town supermarket on the edge of Thame, where shoppers will venture no further than the car park.

Having a mainstream supermarket in the centre of Thame, makes this less likely to happen, will bring more shoppers into town, provide local employment, cut real ‘food miles’ as people can afford to shop more locally, and more income for the local council in the form of business rates.

So I’m not really sure what the problem is?

Council is acting in wider interest

Name and address supplied

LAST week a Haddenham correspondent bemoaned the fact that Oxfordshire County Council is not funding a cycle track to Thame.

Although she cites schoolchildren as possible users, most parents prefer their offspring to travel by the excellent bus services in all weathers.

The station – not lying by the A418 as the letter implies – accommodates the regular bus service to and from Thame.

With public services being cut by all councils, Oxfordshire County Council is acting properly and within the wider interest.

Columnist spot on over Big Issue

Simon Baynes


“I DEMAND that we build a direct, high speed train link to Slough,” writes the Thamensian (January 20).

“That ... is the real Big Issue for Thame.”

Absolutely. Especially as the lady who sells The Big Issue in Thame comes from Slough!

We can’t afford current stores


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IN response to James Nagle’s letter last week, has anyone pointed out to him that no-one can afford to shop at Waitrose or the Co-op in Thame, and people with transport are lucky enough to be able to travel to cheaper shops.

I suspect James has no clue about budgeting for a family, what man has!?

Or even what it is like to single handedly pay a mortgage without an inheritance to support it.

I feel James’ comments are unfair because what he also forgets is people need jobs.



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