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MCBT Letters to the editor
MCBT Letters to the editor

Thamensian sparked happy memories

Petrina Kingham

East Sussex

I WAS most touched and amused to read the Thamensians’ article in The Thame Gazette which was sent to me by a friend who still lives in the area.

My mother, Min Kingham, and I now both live in Lewes, East Sussex – I hesitate to add not together!

She is happily retired and I am a lawyer, quite a strange choice of career for those who may have known me.

Both my mother and I were really touched by the article last week and would like to extend our warmest thanks for bringing back what were very happy memories of our time in Thame and of course running Kingham’s Records and Tapes in the Buttermarket.

Please extend my thanks to the Thamensian, whose identity I should know as he/she appears to have spent time and money in the shop.

Should the writer wish to reveal him or herself to me (in the nicest possible way), I will extend my thanks direct!

Benefits poser does not have simple answer

Jill Yates

Address supplied

THE current rate of unemployment is nothing new and is caused not only by the recession but our very generous benefits system.

Don’t get me wrong, I have friends and family being helped by the system, which is a godsend to the many people genuinely in need of it.

But it is also a very easy source of income for the many who just cannot be bothered.

The truth is many people in this country are on benefits who should not be.

No matter what the politicians say, this issue has been going on for so long it is impossible to ever stop and I fear will get a lot worse.

The latest attempts to stop benefit fraud will probably see more people really in need having their benefits stopped and the many who are just robbing the country blind probably getting more money.

The problem is so far gone and is getting worse.

There is no simple answer.