LETTER: We were not asked question

I spotted only one point worth answering in Cllr Latham’s letter (February 2), the suggestion that we had voted to leave the single market.

Well, we were not asked, so we don’t know. We do know that leave voters expected to be richer, whereas leaving the single market will make us poorer. How, I wonder, does the councillor square that circle?

I have some idea. Firstly the testimony of the CBI, the IMF, the OECD, the Bank of England, any economist not called Patrick Minford, the City and the treasury, are discounted. They are, you see, all part of a global cabal of evil doers, run by a man stroking white cat, and his “Main Stream Media“, minions. Even the Department for Exiting the European Union’s view, that in 15 years Hard Brexit would reduce GDP by 5%, or 8% under WTO rules, is merely proof that the enemies of the people are everywhere!

From 1958 to 1973, GDP per capita rose 95 % in France Germany and Italy, but only 50 per cent here. Since 73, GDP per head has grown faster in the UK than our neighbours ( source FT) . We have been the highest recipient of inward EU investment ( UN Study) which has been useful for building our new motor industry, creating jobs, that sort of thing. All of this is now at risk.

No doubt Councillor Latham thinks it is worth it, to eradicate the taint of Johnny Foreigner from our constitution and lives. It just isn’t. The EU dispersed about 4% of our annual public spending, most of which we have guaranteed to retain. Bottom line, we have sold our future for a bag of worthless beans but, we do not live in a fairy tale. We live in an intellectually impoverished farce written by clowns.

Paul Newman

Firle Crescent, Lewes