MCBT Letters to the editor
MCBT Letters to the editor

Peter Andre’s show: ‘Made a mockery of all the hard work the organisers had put in.’

Kelly Hinton, Thame

AS a resident of Thame and an attendee of the Thame Carnival for many years, I was loathe to watch last night’s “Peter Andre - Here 2 Help, Thame Carnival” as I suspected I would get incredibly frustrated at the way Thame would be portrayed.

However, after seeing the description of the programme in the TV guide as “help the local carnival committee turn around the annual carnival, which last year had just two floats in the parade and hardly any attendees” I needed to see for myself the extent to which the producers would go with their blatant lies.

In one scene, Peter Andre and his team are standing in the Southern Recreation ground panicking over the fact they need to fill it will stalls and attractions in only two and a half days.

I’m sorry, were the stalls and attractions that were there last year a mirage?

Were the many companies, schools and groups parading last year a figment of my imagination too? As ITV2 hadn’t orchestrated it, perhaps they were. The photos they decided to show of the 2010 event were designed to show only two floats parading.

It made a mockery of all the hard work the organisers had put in to making last year’s event the success it was for all the other attendees and companies.

If it was such a failure, why would we even have a follow up in 2011?

Thamensian was wrong to tarnish PM’s name

David Essex, Haddenham

IN response to last week’s Thamensian column, when the Bullingdon Club came to Thatcher’s Restaurant, in the 80s, I don’t recall the police having to be deployed with riot shields, batons and dogs or, thankfully, a policeman being hacked to death with a machete, or people being deliberately run down by a car, or shops being looted.

Whilst in no way seeking to excuse the idiotic behaviour of some members of an anachronistic dining club, if I implied that all Afro Caribbean people in the UK were rioters and looters, or that all football supporters were violent thugs, or any other such generalisation, I would rightly be taken to task, so why does ‘The Thamensian’ make such crass connections with people he clearly despises just for being rich or ‘upper’ class, specifically the Prime Minister?

Where is the proof of any such misbehaviour on the part of David Cameron, whilst a member of the Bullingdon?

If Thamensian doesn’t wish the column to become one of political comment, then he should desist from making it so.