Young lives could be saved with Angel Eye

Angel Eye inventor Tracy Buckland, pictured at her home in Aylesbury
Angel Eye inventor Tracy Buckland, pictured at her home in Aylesbury

An Aylesbury mum has invented a device which she believes will save young lives.

Tracy Buckland, who sold her home to fund the project, is seeking investment to help manufacture the wearable transmitter which she has designed and patented.

‘Angel Eye’ is a tamper-proof, waterproof band which can be attached anywhere and would constantly monitor a child’s location and vital signs for use at home and in hospitals.

Miss Buckland, 45, said she has always been an overprotective parent and when her five-week-old grandson (now two years old) was rushed to hospital, she felt compelled to design a product that could keep an ‘angel eye’ over loved ones.

“Jacob became very ill all of a sudden with a racing heart rate and temperature.

“It was a viral infection but I just kept imagining ‘what if it was in the middle of the night?’ We would not have been aware.”

Miss Buckland, currently living with her daughter and four of her seven grandchildren, is hoping to find an investor who shares her view that the device should be affordable to all ,with a percentage of income being donated to charity.

She patented the product with the help of an intellectual property office in Wales and has lined up a medical manufacturer in Essex who is willing to open a second unit in Aylesbury should investment be secured.

Ms Buckland, who is a qualified chef, said that the prospect of an Aylesbury unit would provide a number of new jobs for people living in Bucks.

She would like the device to be made mandatory for children under the watch of social services, to monitor ways in which they are treated.

The device would also reduce the numbers of carers needed to watch over children who would be immediately alerted to any changes to their vital signs with the sounding of an alarm.

“We cannot protect our loved ones from everything and everyone,” Ms Buckland said.

“We can only guide them and hope they stay on the right path and stay safe.”

For further information, contact Tracy at or phone 07979 127181.