Wind turbine appeal lodged as campaigners ready for new battle

Jeremy Elgin at the site of his proposed wind turbine
Jeremy Elgin at the site of his proposed wind turbine
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An appeal has been made against a council decision to block plans for a 101m metre wind turbine near Aylesbury.

The man behind the proposal, Jeremy Elgin, said Aylesbury Vale District Council’s decision was incorrect given the UK’s ‘energy crisis’.

Opponents of the scheme say they were expecting the appeal and are ready to fight it.

Mr Elgin’s plan for the turbine at his Ford farm was thrown out by the council’s development control committee in January but the Planning Inspectorate will now have the final say.

Mr Elgin said: “We were disappointed but not surprised by the committee’s decision.

“The situation regarding UK energy is becoming more apparent and more pressing.

“The chances of blackout have risen significantly.

“When I first brought this up two years ago I was ridiculed by many people but it has proven to be true.”

Adam Cooper, a member of the Ford Action Group Against Turbines, said they were surprised it had taken so long for an appeal to be made.

He said: “It is not at all unexpected.

“We have been ready for it since the decision was made.”

It is not yet known when a decision will be made on the appeal.

The Planning Inspectorate has previously approved the building of a 140m wind turbine in Quarrendon, a project which was blocked by the council. However, it is not clear if this will be built as permission was not given for the building of 1,330 homes in the same area which the turbine would have powered.

Last week the council rejected separate plans to build four wind turbines in Dorcas Lane, near Stoke Hammond.