Win or lose, you always end up wet!

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BACK in 1974 Tiddington produced one of the quickest ever wins in the tug of war contest as they dragged Ickford into the river in just 25 seconds – a whole seven minutes faster than this year.

In front of the largest crowd to date, Tiddington made light work of their Ickford rivals to claim the prize of a medal and a crate of beer – courtesy of the losing team.

But just as this year, Ickford won the youth pull, with the inclusion of two girls, which was unusual half a century ago.

That has now changed, with the aim every year of having a team of four boys and four girls.

The community event continued into the next week as they put on two dances, one in Ickford and one in Tiddington.

The umpire on the day, Terry Connor, was dressed in a Union Jack outfit and joined the teams in the river after the pull.

Donations were taken from the crowd, making a record £36.

The tug of war began to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Its popularity has now lasted for nearly 60 years.