Wildlife to be saved from gung-ho boaters

Three of the swans in Watermead have already been tagged
Three of the swans in Watermead have already been tagged

Steps are being taken to protect wildlife under threat from people using high powered speedboats on a lake.

Watermead Parish Council is taking legal advice with the view to prosecuting boat owners who abuse the calm waters.

For years the unwanted boaters have made life for the lake’s wildlife dangerous and some birds have been killed by speeding boats.

Parish council vice chairman Adrian Schwab said: “It’s been an ongoing issue. They will not be allowed to do it 

“It’s upsetting the wildlife and the speedboats are not in keeping with what the lake is all about. It has been a pain in the neck for years.”

Watermead becomes a very popular spot during the warmer months and the council says it has no issue with the with the serene yachting that takes place.

Now the gung-ho speedboaters are to be targeted by the parish council in collaboration with Aylesbury Vale District Council.

“What they do,” added Mr Schab, “Is get the speedboats and race them around the place to scare off the ducks and the geese.

“It basically spooks them out. People are concerned it is ruining the Watermead wildlife aspect which we are very proud of.”

Another step councillors have taken is to tag the swans on the lake.

Mr Schab said: “Should anything happen to them or they get scared off we will be able to find them again.”

Ancient law says that swans are the Queen’s property and it is a criminal offence to kill or 
injure hurt one.

Killing wild birds is also 
illegal and carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail and up to a £5,000 fine.

> The parish council has recently decided it will repair the walkway bridge around one of the lakes and Mr Schwab said it would take every step to cause minimal disruption to the wildlife.