Why town is distinctive

THE findings of the recent consultation regarding how residents believe the town should develop in the future have been released in a report.

The document, available online, covers the results so far after a series of feedback events over the past couple of weeks.

The intention is to eventually draw up a Thame Town Plan detailing how the town will grow and expand in the future.

The majority of the findings relate to the first major public event held on the weekend of October 7 and 8 at Thame Town Hall.

According to the report, almost 400 people signed in over the two days.

Known landowners and developers had been contacted in advance and asked to make themselves known to reception so that they could be helped to participate appropriately.

The report said: “What emerges very clearly from this is that the locally managed, independent shops and the friendliness of Thame are not only what make it great; they also make it distinctive.”

Leading this process are consultants Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design, working in partnership with staff from the council, town councillors and residents. The document lists many of the issues residents had given their opinions on.

These include too much traffic through the town centre, that there should be at least one more long stay car park and where new houses should be built.

For the full report and an in-depth breakdown of the consultation so far, visit the Thame Town Council website at www.thametowncouncil.gov.uk