Who wants to be a LEADER?

Those with an interest in helping to develop the rural economy are being encouraged to get involved with the Southern Oxfordshire LEADER Programme.

People are being asked to volunteer to become a member of the Local Action Group (LAG), the body that oversees the delivery of the LEADER Programme across Southern Oxfordshire.

The LEADER initiative is a European funded locally-led rural development programme which aims to ensure that local people decide how the money is spent, placing the responsibility for local action in the hands of local people.

The LAG, which is similar to a board of directors, has responsibility for setting the overall strategy of the programme, monitoring individual projects, shaping the programme’s development plan and providing guidance to the programme’s staff.

LAG members meet five times a year and work in partnership with those from other organisations to ensure a mix of knowledge and expertise in supporting and overseeing the Southern Oxfordshire LEADER Programme.

The Southern Oxfordshire LEADER programme aims to strengthen the rural economy and support rural communities. Since its launch in June 2009 the LAG have committed more than £670,000 to 37 local projects, providing funding to support farm diversification enterprises, small rural businesses, and projects that will encourage rural tourism and support local communities.

The LAG is keen for new members to become involved in the programme. If you have an interest in helping to develop the area’s rural economy and communities please contact Kate Forrest on 01491 823176 or email info@southernoxfordshireleader.org.uk