Where are we? Elementary, my dear Watson ...

Guy Ritchie and the cast in Waddesdon Manor's dining room
Guy Ritchie and the cast in Waddesdon Manor's dining room

HOLLYWOOD might not sprinkle stardust on Buckinghamshire too often, but Warner Bros’ decision to film scenes of the new Sherlock Holmes movie at Waddesdon Manor was elementary.

Guy Ritchie’s blockbusting sequel to the 2009 hit reunites Robert Downey Jr with Jude Law who plays Dr Watson in Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows.

Filming took place in October 2010 and January this year, after Ritchie visited Waddesdon and decided the 16th century French château was ideal.

A 100-strong crew and 200 extras descended on the house, with filming taking place inside the famous rooms and out in the grounds.

The crew swept away the gravel on the north front of the manor, installing mock gas lamps and erecting giant green-screens on the house to create a Parisian street scene.

Further filming was done in the East Gallery, the Bachelors’ Wing, the dining room, the breakfast room and the kitchen corridor.

The film’s trailer shows the front of the Hotel de la Ville in Paris being blown up – which was in fact a mocked-up Waddesdon.

Suzy Barron, who has co-ordinated filming at the manor for the Past 15 years, said: “They showed us all the pre-designs so we could see what it would look like, and the whole crew was marvellous throughout.

“They were here for such a long time we got to know them very well and we were quite sad to see them leave, it was great fun.”

Ms Barron has overseen productions including 2006’s The Queen starring Helen Mirren, Bollywood films, TV shows including Midsomer Murders and a photo shoot with Nicole Kidman.

Waddesdon also previously played host to the Bond film Never Say Never Again, but Ms Barron says the Holmes crew are the best she’s worked with – describing Ritchie as ‘charming’ and Law as ‘super’. A huge marquee was erected in the grounds to host the extras, who were bussed to the set, while the stars hid out in Winnebagos on the drive.