Wheelchair rugby treat marks scouts’ revival

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A group of scouts have taken part in a wheelchair rugby session at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

Wheelchair sports charity WheelPower invited members of 1st Longwick Beaver and Cub scouts to have a go at the sport, widely known as ‘murderball’.

The event came after 16 Beavers aged between six and eight and their families took part in a four mile sponsored walk earlier this year to raise money for WheelPower and their scout group.

The walk raised an impressive total of £1,290, half of which was donated to WheelPower.

The wheelchair rugby session and the walk mark the completion of an impressive turnaround for the Longwick group, which only a year ago was on the verge of closing, with no Scout or Cub groups and only a handful of Beavers.

Fortunately for the group, volunteers came forward as leaders and helpers, and there are now 24 Beavers and a new Cub pack has been set up for the eldest Beavers to move to.

Volunteers also organised a ‘DIY SOS’ for the scout hall, transforming it into a bright, clean space that is now used by four community groups, in addition to the scouting activities. Businesses have also been praised for donations which helped restore the club.