What a CAT-astrophe! Family pet falls down the chimney and has to be rescued by firemen

Sadie the cat got stuck in the chimney
Sadie the cat got stuck in the chimney

A family are counting the cost after their pet cat had to be dug out of their dining room wall after falling down the chimney.

When Sadie the four-year-old moggy went missing from her home in Park Street, Aylesbury last Wednesday, her owners Sarah White and Christopher Briscombe assumed that she would return after a day or so.

Sadie the cat got stuck in the chimney

Sadie the cat got stuck in the chimney

But as the weekend arrived the couple began to worry, and launched a search for their missing pet. On Saturday night, as they discussed where on earth Sadie could be, they heard a faint meow coming from inside the walls.

During her outside adventure, Sadie had fallen down the chimney, and was precariously perched on a narrow ledge inside the wall.

The couple called the RSPCA the next morning. They managed to locate her but did not have the equipment to get her out and the fire brigade were called.

The crew arrived with their blue lights flashing and put a high-tech camera down the chimney, to pinpoint Sadie’s exact location.

They then used drilling equipment to remove five bricks from the dining room, which will now have to be replaced, re-plasteredand decorated over.

Sarah, 31 said: “ The fire place is sealed over in the dining room and we could hear her meowing inside the wall.

“The fire brigade knocked through and there she was standing on the ledge, we didn’t want her to fall any further so didn’t try to grab her in case she got spooked.

“We put out some food, and while the firemen were having a cup of tea she popped out and started eating.

“We thought the firefighters might be annoyed that they were called out for a cat, but they were fantastic, the RSPCA were brilliant too and we couldn’t thank them enough.”

Sadie was not injured in the four day ordeal, but her owners are taking precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Sarah said: “We have now got a propper cap on the chimney, but who knows what she might do next.

“She hasn’t learned her 
lesson at all and is still very 

“It is lovely to have her back though.”