Weather Watch: Now it’s likely to be one of the warmest winters on record

Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover
Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover

Meteorologists and climatologists classify winter as December, January and February which means there are only a couple of days of winter remaining.

The winter has been characterised by an extraordinary lack of cold weather across Aylesbury Vale and the UK as a whole.

Ice and frost have been sparse across many areas with snow cover essentially non-existent away from the hills of northern Britain.

Across England and Wales as a whole, the winter looks like ending up as the twelve warmest since records began over 350 years ago .

We’d normally expect daytime temperatures of around 7 or 8C across Aylesbury Vale during late February but we’ve been used to seeing 10 or 11C recently.

So what has led to this enhanced mildness?

Residents along the west coast of the United States and Canada sometimes witness atmospheric setups identical to our current weather situation.

Known locally as the “Pineapple Express”, tropical south-westerly winds, originating in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands, blow north-eastwards to the western states.

As they do so, they pick up excessive warmth from the Pacific Ocean, bathing western states with temperatures many degrees above average.

The warmth associated with the Pineapple Express is very much overshadowed by the volume of rain it produces, a bi-product of the huge amount of oceanic moisture gained during the wind’s long journey.

In December 2010, west-facing mountains of California picked up over half a metre of rain in just a few days during a particularly intense event.

Prolonged flows of warm, wet weather across UK shores differ from the Pineapple Express only in terms of the wind’s origin; the tropical-Atlantic, rather than the Pacific.

South-east England can see wet weather in these setups but it is more common for the heavy rain to deluge western parts of the country instead.

The weather over the next few days looks set to remain rather changeable. After some fine, bright weather today (Weds) , rain is likely to set in late tonight, giving a wet start tomorrow before a return to sunshine and the odd passing shower by the afternoon.

Friday looks like being showery, while at the moment, the weekend is currently expected to be on the chilly side with occasional showers but also some sunny spells.



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