Weather Watch: It’s official –summer is one of the hottest on record

Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover
Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover

For meteorologists and climatologists, summer constitutes June, July and August so we are already more than two thirds through the summer season. 

Despite recent heavy showers, most people would probably say it has been a ‘good’ summer so far and weather statistics for Aylesbury Vale would agree. 

Temperature and sunshine levels were above the climate normal for both June and July.

In fact, across England and Wales, July 2014 was the 10th warmest July since 1900, although last year was a shade warmer. 

It’s also been drier than normal for the most part, although some localised thundery downpours mean some people have caught a lot more rain than others.

Talking of thundery downpours, there were some very impressive deluges last weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, shoppers in nearby Tring dived for cover as a ferocious downpour dumped 21mm of rain in just over 10 minutes.

That’s almost half a month’s rain in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea.

Outside of the downpours there has been a lot of dry and sunny weather this summer.

The fine conditions have not only benefitted the UK tourism industry, but also crop producers. 

For cereal  crops, the most important growth stage is typically during June and July, and it is during this period that the arable fields around Aylesbury come to life.

Lots of sunshine during this important growth-stage usually correlates with high yields and so this year is looking good. 

Harvesting of these crops then takes places between late July and September and the countryside in the Aylesbury Vale has certainly been buzzing with tractors and combine harvesters over the past week.

The rest of this week isn’t looking great for harvesting with showers and some longer spells of rain at intervals. 

At the moment, the weekend is looking very mixed with further showers around but also some warm sunshine between the downpours.

In any  sunshine, temperatures should reach a humid 22C.



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