“We are well prepared”: Transport chiefs confident of dealing with winter period

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Transport chiefs have said they are ready to tackle the roads this winter and will not exceed budget unless there are exceptional circumstances

Transport for Bucks winter operations manager Simon Dudley said: “We learnt a lot from the winter of 2009/2010.

“It was very severe and we used 12 to 13,000 tonnes of salt. We lifted our stock levels to 12,500 tonnes. We are pretty confident we have got enough to cope with a pretty severe winter.”

Despite struggling two years ago Mr Dudley said the county coped with a ‘mild winter’ last year and only used 6,800 tonnes of salt.

He added they would have 25 grit spreaders available from four depots around the county, including Aylesbury, covering all A and B classified roads and that it would take a maximum of 2.5 hours to get around the county network for salting.

The manager added that unless the country experienced the infamous big freeze of 1962/1963 again they would not exceed their £1.1 million budget.

“We try to keep the cost of the operations down but provide the same services each winter. ”

County cabinet transport member Peter Hardy said: “We are fully prepared for the winter season.”

In a bid to keep people informed the transport team have upped their levels of communications this year.

Early next week a safe winter driving leaflet will be sent to businesses, parishes and doctor’s surgeries while visits to schools have also been organised.

For further information visit www.transportforbucks.net/Winter-maintenance