Watch out for break down scam across Aylesbury Vale

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People pretending to have broken down are praying on generous motorists in a cash scam in Aylesbury Vale.

Unknown people, believed to be of eastern European appearance, have been parking at the side of the road and asking for money from charitable drivers.

They are telling people their car has broken down, run out of petrol or has a puncture and they need to cash to sort it out.

Occasionally they have taken to offering fake gold rings in exchange for money or have given out addresses for companies they clam to work for.

One woman who was subjected to the scam near Tring said two men waved her down before saying their car had broken down.

She said: “One guy said he was a businessman from Germany but he didn’t sound German.

“I asked what I could do to help and he asked me for money. It seemed pretty suspicious so I drove off.”

Several different vehicles are being used in the scam and police have said genuine people who break down would not usually require cash as they would have credit/debit cards, a mobile phone and breakdown insurance.

Police are asking people to try and get a description of the culprits and their vehicle registration details.