WATCH: Aylesbury football star Ellen White becomes a Disney princess to challenge cliches

Ellen White (holding BE KIND aloft) with her teammates shooting an advert for the campaign
Ellen White (holding BE KIND aloft) with her teammates shooting an advert for the campaign

Disney has joined forces with the England Women’s football team and Aylesbury star Ellen White to challenge the cliches of what it means to be a modern-day princess.

The Lionesses, led by captain Steph Houghton, have channeled their inner Disney Princesses including Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Jasmine from Aladdin and Rapunzel from Tangled to show young girls that footballers can also be Princesses – with Disney redefining its Princesses with attributes such as courage, determination and kindness.

The new campaign from Disney and The FA, shot by celebrity photographer Scarlet Page, launches ahead of this summer’s UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 in the Netherlands with the aim to get girls into football. This initiative is the first in a three-year partnership between Disney and The FA, which sets out to increase the role football has in girls’ lives by empowering them, building their self-confidence and getting them active.

Earlier this year The FA revealed its new strategy for women and girls’ football, Gameplan for Growth, with the three main targets being to double participation, double the number of fans by 2020 and achieve success on the world stage by 2023.

And former Grange School pupil White was one of several England Lionesses pictured sharing their advice for aspiring Princesses including BE CONFIDENT, BE DETERMINED, BE CARING, BE KIND and BE FEARLESS. They also star in a series of short films talking about the attributes they share with Disney Princesses and the barriers they have overcome to realise their dreams.

Disney Princess and the Lionesses are encouraging the public to share their own inspiring and motivating images for young girls using the hashtag #DreamBigPrincess.

White's teammates channel their inner Disney Princesses

White's teammates channel their inner Disney Princesses

And White, who revealed her favourite Disney princesses growing up, is telling young girls not to be afriad to think big.

“My advice top young girls is never be afraid of having big dreams and ambitions,” White said.

“If you believe in yourself and try your very best to have fun and enjoy living them out. I loved Snow White and Pocahontas as a kid because they showed me that you could be a lovely person, but you can also be powerful and loyal and strong.”

Anna Hill, Disney spokesman, said: “England Lionesses and Disney Princesses share many character traits including determination, kindness and fearlessness and we hope that bringing the worlds of football and Disney Princess together will help inspire all young girls from across the country to get active, dream big and fulfil their ambitions.”