War reporter’s daughter retraces his final moments

Chelsey Lloyd with Mark Austin
Chelsey Lloyd with Mark Austin
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The daughter of TV war reporter Terry Lloyd has retraced the final moments before he was killed by American soldiers in Iraq 10 years ago.

Former Lord Williams’s pupil Chelsey Lloyd flew out to the country with her father’s former colleague, ITV News anchor Mark Austin, for the documentary Who Killed My Dad? – The Death of Terry Lloyd, which airs tonight.

Mr Lloyd was killed by American gunfire in southern Iraq while he was in a makeshift ambulance, having already been hurt in an exchange of fire between Iraqi and US troops.

An inquest found that the 50 year old, who lived in Cuddington, had been ‘unlawfully killed’ by the Americans but no charges have ever been brought against the soldiers.

Chelsey, 31, found making the documentary a ‘cathartic and positive experience’.

She said: “I made my peace with Iraq and in a way, wish I could do it all again.”

Accompanied by Mr Austin and cameraman Daniel Demoustier – who was driving the vehicle carrying Mr Lloyd when they were initially fired upon Chelsey returned to the scene where her father died on March 22, 2003.

“I was surprised at how peaceful I felt. I didn’t expect that. I was calm and took time to gather my thoughts and emotions.

“It was the first time I’d visited Iraq or any war-torn country. I didn’t feel my safety was compromised once.

“However, you are quickly reminded that the country is volatile. We filmed at a site where the year before 72 people had been killed in a bomb blast.”

Chelsey, who helps produce ITV’s Lorraine show, is also a former pupil of Haddenham Middle School and Cuddington First School.