Walton Court courtyard plan is ‘pretty good’

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WALTON Court’s new courtyard design has been revealed and generally praised by those living in the complex.

The plans feature a barbecue area, sitting circle, cycle stands, grass lawns, ornamental shrubs and space set aside for residents to grow their own vegetables.

The design was inspired by Red or Dead fashion designer and building design consultant Wayne Hemingway.

It is part of £11.35 million plans to upgrade the site, move the shops downstairs, create a private residents’ courtyard and build new homes.

Tenant David Johnson, who has lived at Walton Court for 10 years, said: “It is pretty good, the set up is good, the way they have separated all the flats and added flats and moving all the shops to a new area that is more accessible for the public, it is pretty impressive.”

But tenant of four years Bernie Mitchell was not very impressed, saying: “It could still do with a pub and a social place, there is nothing at the moment.

“I also don’t agree with walkways being taken out, as at the moment we can pop round to see our neighbours.”

Councillor Freda Roberts said: “It is time something was done, it really wants turning around.”

Walton Court and Hawkslade councillor Steven Kennell said: “I think the plans are good.

“I don’t think anybody would object to the plans considering the anti social behaviour in the current open courtyard.”