Volunteers driven to help kids cycle

Volunteers help to make cycling available to everyone
Volunteers help to make cycling available to everyone

Cycling will now be available to every child in the area, thanks to the work done by eight volunteers.

Francesca Flaxton and her team have spent the whole of 2010 becoming qualified to teach others how to instruct and the additional funds from this will go directly to helping children learn how to ride.

The small team had been struggling to meet the increasing demands and so this certification will mean they get more instructors and bikes to be able to teach the children.

Mrs Flaxton said: “There has been a massive boom in cycling and a lot of parents are now wanting their children to be able to cycle to school safely.

“We have also had so many schools wanting us to teach the pupils, which is fantastic, but we need to recruit more instructors.”

This will now become easier as they can train up their own instructors to be qualified to teach in schools.

Haddenham Cycle Training are so far in 20 schools, including Lord Williams, Haddenham Junior and Aylesbury High School but they need more bikes so the children can get the most out of their lessons.

Mrs Flaxton said: “I am working at a school where most children do not have bikes so we have had to scrape together to get more.

“Some have been donated but we have had to buy a lot of them so this is the sort of thing the extra money will go towards.

“It means that children can now have an opportunity to ride a bike, which before they might not have had.”

This ethos continues away from schools and beginner lessons are often free – for more information visit www.haddenhamcycletraining.org.uk