Villagers kick up a stink over manure pile

Manure heap at Aston Abbotts allotments
Manure heap at Aston Abbotts allotments

Two small manure heaps have caused a stink amongst village residents – but gardeners who use them have vowed they shall not be moved.

The heaps are used by allotment holders on the outskirts of Aston Abbotts.

But the village’s Orchard Committee has asked for their removal by Easter from inside the gates of the neighbouring orchard.

Simon Guy, an IT executive for an oil company, an allotment holder who has lived in the village for 20 years, is nonplused by the dictat.

In a light hearted letter in the village newsletter The Chronicle he wrote: “I can only assume it’s because the said heap offends the sensibilities of the good fruit growers of this parish when they visit their arboreal charges.”

And he told The Bucks Herald: “Two signs are currently stuck in the manure heaps stating ‘We shall not be moved’.

“It’s not an EU regulation, it’s a village thing.

“I go to my allotment about twice a week and grow everything from asparagus to zucchini.

“I enjoy it very much.”

Parish council vice chairman Colin Higgs, who is also a member of the Orchard Committee which was formed through the church council, said: “Some people have taken offence and think they look unsightly.

“The allotments are on church land and they are let through the church.

“When the orchard was created alongside the allotments two years ago, six new allotment plots were also created.”

The new plots are on the land where the original manure heap was kept.

As a result the manure heap has now moved to a position just inside the gates to the orchard.

The heaps cannot be seen from the road and are accessed by going through two gates.

There are 10 allotments in the original space plus the six new ones.

They are located in a rural location on the road past The Royal Oak.

More letters on the matter are expected in the next issue of The Chronicle.