Village flock is best baa none!

Sheep being led through Wendover
Sheep being led through Wendover
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A scene from a bygone age entertained shoppers when more than 400 sheep were moved on foot through Wendover High Street.

And for those who missed the annual event on Friday, there is a terrific video on You Tube, which was shot by local resident Gordon Findlay.

The pregnant Mules, owned by Edward Mogford, walked from their grazing in Nash Lee Road, across the by-pass, across a field, up Dobbins Lane and then into the High Street to end up at Bank Farm

Once there they were shorn and housed in preparation for lambing in eight weeks time.

Mr Mogford said: “We do this every year, it doesn’t take long and is much less stressful for the sheep than being put into a lorry. Everybody loves it, people were winding their car windows down and saying it was a lovely sight to see.”

Mr Findlay, who has watched the event for years, agreed.

“I’ve wanted to capture it on film for years, and made sure I was prepared this time by contacting the farmer first. It was an amazing sight, it’s part of an old fashioned world. Everyone was getting out their camera phone and taking pictures. Drivers didn’t seem too worried about being held up for a short time, they accepted it as this is a rural community.”

Mr Mogford was aided by two other people and his dog Jess, and his parents helped towards the end. One person walked in front of the flock with a bag of sheep nuts, and everyone wore high visability jackets. The journey was undertaken outside the rush hour and he said everything went well without any problems.

The video can be viewed by clicking here