VIDEO: Wind turbine proponent defends plan as protest is literally blown away

The farmer behind a proposed 101 metre high wind turbine near Aylesbury has defended his plans.

Jeremy Elgin wants to build the structure, which would be bigger than Big Ben and dwarf County Hall, at his farm in Ford.

Opponents say the turbine will be an eyesore, create noise pollution and not generate enough electricity to make it worthwhile.

Mr Elgin said the country needs to find new ways of generating electricity and that the noise would be minimal.

The farmer expects to spend around £2 million of his own money on the project, but while he stands to make a profit if it works he said he is not just in it for financial reward.

Mr Elgin said: “There are easier ways to make money. This is something I do believe in strongly.”

As he spoke, opponents of the scheme were floating a balloon 101m metres above the ground to demonstrate the potential impact the turbine would have if approved.

But, just hours into the three day protest, the balloon became entangled in a tree, breaking the lines attaching it to the ground and the wind blew it away.

Aylesbury Vale District Council members are due to vote on the scheme on January 17. Opponents are planning a protest outside the council offices before the meeting.

Note: The Bucks Herald would like to clarify that when Jeremy Elgin said in the video report that Dorcas Lane had been approved on appeal, he meant to say the turbine at Quarrendon, which has been approved.