Ventriloquism, but not as you know it – it’s Paul Zerdin

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VENTRILOQUIST Paul Zerdin rose to fame with more than three million hits on YouTube and has since starred on The Royal Variety Show and Comedy Rocks.

After the Edinburgh Fringe, he started his own Spongefest tour in 2010 which has returned this year with a date scheduled for Chesham’s Elgiva Theatre.

Since hitting the comedy circuit Zerdin’s edgy style has successfully shaken off ventriloquism’s dull and dusty image.

“I think ventriloquism has a modern feel to it,” he said.

“It’s better than watching someone with rubbish jokes and a scary doll – audiences today won’t want to watch it.”

His three characters are Albert the grumpy old man, Sam the one-liner comedian and Baby, who wants to know everything and is learning naughty words.

“Everyone can relate to a characters and basing it on life will make it more believable,” said Paul.

“I think people laugh because of the relationship I have with the characters and I like to get the audience involved.”

This year’s Spongefest will include his puppet characters and audience interaction.

“You don’t have to have puppets to be a ventriloquist.

“It’s all about the comedy,” said Zerdin.

“The key is to use materials that makes you laugh yourself and practise.”

After the tour, Paul will be starring as Robin Crusoe in the panto at Cardiff with Biggins as Mrs Crusoe.

He also plans to produce his own show, including releasing DVDs of his latest performances.

Paul is playing at The Elgiva in Chesham on Thursday, September 29.

For more information call 01494 582900.