Vale reality show will be bigger in series two

The stars of The Only Made In Aylesbury
The stars of The Only Made In Aylesbury

SPOOF reality show The Only Made In Aylesbury is set to return in March with new characters and ‘thought through’ plots.

The unscripted internet-only show, which has attracted roughly 1,000 views a week, is the result of four friends in their 30s who decided to mimic programmes such as ITV’s The Only Way Is Essex.

The gang created six shows in 2011, including a festive special which was released on Christmas Day.

Each low-budget five to 10 minute episode was filmed on a Saturday and uploaded on a Wednesday.

The shows feature flashbacks to parties, desperate attempts to start relationships and amusing banter as the gang undertake mundane tasks such as shopping.

Co-star Benjamin Greenwood, 34, who plays Barry Wocks, said: “We did a podcast ages ago, then we started talking about the Only Way is Essex and that we should do a mickey version in Aylesbury.

“And so we did one, about a minute long, and put it on YouTube.

“Someone said that was a good idea and so we did another one.

“The first one had about a 1,000 views, and they have all had about that number from people in Aylesbury.”

The original cast also features Jason Harris who plays J Pop, Greg Hickson as G Dawg and Juan Ribero as Johnny Ribena.

With each new episode more fans have come forward asking to take part.

Benjamin said: “People have been coming up to us and saying they want to be in it.

“For example people in Baldy’s Barbers and the comic shop in the Cloisters called Dead Universe and the Rockwood pub in Kingsbury.

“We also have had other people coming up to us in the pub wanting to get involved.

“So what we are thinking of doing is when we start again in March we will get better equipment and get more people from the town – in fact anyone who wants to be involved.

“The more people that get involved, they will show their friends and family and it will grow.”

Benjamin says series two will be slightly more planned.

“The first shows weren’t planned out at all

“A girl came forward and said she wanted to be in it and so we made it all up on the day – which is why is doesn’t look polished or professional.

“We start with a very rough idea, but we don’t have a script.

“Next year we will do it in the same sort of way but perhaps a bit more thought through.

“I have a mate who has a recording studio and there is a girl that I know who does make up.

“We will just see where it goes really, with more people from out and about who want to get involved and be part of it.

“The main thing that stands out about the show is how we try to avoid the cliches – or how you expect programmes to be.

“We can do whatever we want, in the Christmas special we perform the East 17 Christmas song Stay, for example.

“Some people might watch it and they like it and some may not.

“It is a certain style of humour, like with Charlie Brooker or Chris Morris.”

Benjamin says the programme will not become a weekly show like a soap opera.

“You can’t keep making it every week, you need a break.

“That will make it fresher. I also want to take more time in doing it and putting it out.”