UPDATED: Poor hygiene rating for Aylesbury’s Asda store

The Aylesbury Asda on its opening day
The Aylesbury Asda on its opening day

Aylesbury’s Asda store has been awarded a poor hygiene rating and told it must make improvements – but bosses claim the score is purely down to it messing up on paperwork.

The Mandeville Road store, which only opened in November, received the two out of five rating by an Aylesbury Vale District Council inspector.

However the 24 hour supermarket, next to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, has said the poor rating was due to its handling of paperwork rather than poor standards of cleanliness.

An Asda spokesman said: “It was 100% not to do with cleanliness. The paperwork wasn’t in the correct place but it was found afterwards.”

According to the district council website, a two out of five rating means a business has ‘some major non-compliance with statutory obligations with more effort required to prevent fall in standards’.

A spokesman from the district council said: “During the first inspection of the Asda store since it opened, a number of items were identified including some matters concerning the layout of the bakery/rotisserie counters along with an item relating to documentation.”