UPDATED: Hospital worker ‘rated’ unconscious naked bodies

Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Stoke Mandeville Hospital
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A worker who ‘rated’ patients’ bodies as they lay unconscious at Stoke Mandeville Hospital has been struck off.

Operating department practitioner Leo Stamp, 46, was dismissed in 2013 for a series of sexual comments made to staff over a three-year period, the Health and Care Professions Council heard.

Stamp, who had worked for the hospital trust for 26 years, commented on women’s breasts while they lay sedated and announced whether he would have sex with patients.

The panel heard a number of young female workers felt unable to report his behaviour as they were in the early stages of their careers and considered Stamp to be ‘highly regarded by his employer’.

He has been found guilty of 21 out of 25 complaints.

A colleague told the panel he would say if pregnant women’s vagina’s looked ‘good for their age’ and often fell asleep while on shift.

He told one colleague her breasts were ‘better’ than his wife’s and would regularly hug and kiss a female colleague and touch others on the bottom.

Stamp, who lives in High Wycombe, even went to the toilet during an operation and when he walked back into theatre he was asking a friend on the phone if they were ‘down the pub’.

On another occasion, he admitted going to the toilet at a ‘crucial time’ of an operation on a pregnant woman, who had lost two and a half litres of blood.

Stamp would often share details of his own sexual relationships and fantasies with colleagues as well as those of other staff.

The panel said the majority of Stamp’s evidence was ‘inherently implausible’ and he showed no remorse.

The panel said: “He has demonstrated not only a propensity to exploit the vulnerability of others for his own sexual gratification without apparent regard to the effect on his victims but he has also shown his lack of respect for helpless patients under his care.

“The panel found particularly disturbing his behaviour in making coarse remarks about the private parts of anaesthetised patients.”

A spokesman for Bucks NHS Health Trust said: “Safeguarding of patients and staff is of paramount importance to us and we operate a zero-tolerance policy regarding inappropriate or unsafe attitudes or behaviours from our staff.

“The trust acted on complaints made by staff regarding Mr Stamp’s behaviour and following a thorough internal investigation, he was disciplined and dismissed for his wholly unacceptable behaviour towards patients and colleagues in 2013.

“The trust also referred Mr Stamp to the Health and Care Professions Council and we welcome their recent decision.”