UPDATED: Daughter of artist and TV star Tony Hart to share stories

Carolyn Ross pictured with her father Tony Hart
Carolyn Ross pictured with her father Tony Hart

The daughter of artist and children’s TV presenter Tony Hart is to appear on the BBC’s ‘The One Show’.

Carolyn Ross, who works at Lucas Furniture in Aylesbury, has taken part in filming for a segment on the show called ‘Growing up with Tony Hart’.

The show was due to air tonight (Wednesday) but has now been rescheduled to a date yet to be announced.

During filming she discussed what life was like growing up with her famous father and travelled to Aardman Animations, where the character Morph which Hart often appeared alongside was created.

Hart died aged 83 in 2009 after suffering health problems for a number of years.

Mrs Ross said that growing up there were always eggs with faces on, pieces of art made from spaghetti and other works by her father around their Surrey home.

The 56 year old said: “The lovely thing about my Dad was the chap you saw on television was exactly as he was: very gentle and hugely entertaining in what he was doing.

“It was magical growing up with him. I was always very proud of him.”

When it came to his work Hart left no stone unturned to make sure everything went perfectly.

Mrs Ross, who lives in Winslow, said: “He always liked everything to be absolutely prepared.

“Anything he was going to create he would rehearse and rehearse and rehearse.

“There was one occasion where he was making something with corrugated cardboard and he got into the BBC studio and it went wrong. He had another go and it went wrong again.

“He was getting a bit twitchy by then. He tried one more time but it went wrong again. But he saw that perhaps it was quite good to see the great Tony Hart stumble.”

Hart designed the world-famous Blue Peter ship logo. He originally suggested he be paid a penny for every time it was shown, but producers said that would not be enough and paid him £100 up front. The logo has gone on to be shown millions of times.

Some of his most famous shows included Vision On, Playbox, Take Hart and Hartbeat in a television career that spanned 50 years.

Mrs Ross’ two children both do artistic work and she has written a biography about him called ‘Tony Hart: A Portrait of My Dad’.