UPDATED: Aylesbury fugitive leaves rooftop to end 26-hour stand-off

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A fugitive who has been on the roof of an Aylesbury house since yesterday afternoon has come down.

Following lengthy negotiations, the man came down from the roof at 3.10pm, He is currently in police custody.

The scene in Russell Avenue this afternoon

The scene in Russell Avenue this afternoon

Police cordoned off Russell Avenue after the man, who they have been trying to apprehend for some time, appeared on the rooftop yesterday.

Talks lasted all night and into today before the man, named locally as Errol Clarke, climbed down.

Mr Clarke is wanted by police for absconding during a high court hearing. He was taken to court by the district council for allegedly breaking an injunction preventing his land being used for a gypsy campsite.

Mr Clarke denies the charge, claiming the injunction applies to a previous owner and not him. He says he never gave permission for the Light and Life Festival, where car crashes, public urination and trespassing took place.

Neighbours gathered in the Southcourt street as police cars, cones and tape sealed off the area yesterday.

Neighbourhood Inspector Kelly Glister said: “He is someone known to the police and we have been trying to apprehend him for quite a while.

“We don’t know why he has chosen to come to light like this.”

Russell Avenue was closed while police dealt with the incident.