Updated: Another £3m pledged for Bucks road repairs as councillors ask for Government help

A pot hole in Buckingham Road, Aylesbury
A pot hole in Buckingham Road, Aylesbury

An extra £3 million is to be put towards fixing Bucks roads by the county council.

The money, being used out of reserves, is in addition to the £25m already budgeted to be spent on road maintenance over the next two years.

Announcing the funding at a full council meeting today (Thursday), councillors called on the Government to provide a ‘substantial’ amount of money to help improve the situation.

It was suggested cancelling the £32 billion HS2 project could be one way of generating money to fix roads.

New transport cabinet member Janet Blake told today’s county council meeting: ”In direct response to concerns raised by our residents to all county council members during the elections campaign, we want to help further reduce the roads maintenance backlog.

“Roads affect every single person in the county, so we need to enable safe and efficient travel.

“We also call on the Government to cancel HS2 to give us more funds for roads.”

Council leader Martin Tett said: ”It’s very important that we are seen as a county council to respond to what residents want.

“This is not just £3m, it is an extra £3m in addition to the £25m already committed in the budget for road surfacing over the next two years. And this is on top of the £11m we spend each year on basic repairs.

“Even with this extra money we don’t have enough resources to repair all of our roads so we call on the Government to capital fund a major upgrade.”

The motion was unanimously supported, although some opposition councillors questionned how £3 million could be found for the roads but not other services. Several claimed the state of the roads was not the only popular issue on the doorstep while they were campaigning in the recent elections, with other topics including education, social services and people’s debt problems.

Lib Dem Councillor Raj Khan said: “The main issue in my ward of Aylesbury North was education. Schools in the area I represent have been through Ofsted and been not so good.”

Today’s meeting was the first since elections earlier this month which saw the Conservatives retain power and UKIP become the official opposition.