UPDATE: Gol jailed for 36 years for horrific double murder

Michaela Gol with her killer and husband Ensar
Michaela Gol with her killer and husband Ensar

THAME man Ensar Gol has been jailed for 36 years after he was found guilty of the gruesome double murder of his wife and her mother and the attempted murder of their friend at Oxford Crown Court.

Ensar Gol, 22, of Ireton Court, was found guilty of stabbing his new wife Michala Gol and her mother Julie Sahin to death and a third charge of attempting to murder their friend Casey Wilson.

He was sentenced to 36 years for each murder and 12 years for the attempted killing.

Each sentence will be served concurrently.

Jurors heard this week how Gol stabbed the women, before picking up his three-year-old daughter and walking into town in the early hours of the morning, still clutching the knife.

The Turk, who met Michala when she was on holiday, told the court he only married her to gain access to their children, something his mother-in-law hated him for.