Unique project allows man to borrow a classic car for one year

A car enthusiast from Postcombe has won the chance to borrow a stranger’s vintage vehicle for a whole year as part of a new project.

Richard Gordon-Colebrooke, 26, was chosen as the recipient of a 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton, through a pioneering project to encourage the next generation of enthusiasts into the classic car movement.

The Ford Model a Loan Car project was the brainchild of Peter Garrett who donated his Ford to Mr Gordon-Colebrooke for 12 months after he was chosen from many responses as the lucky winner to a competition run in the classic car press.

Mr Gordon-Colebrooke received the vehicle at the British Motor Museum on Saturday March 25.

He said: “I had restored a Mini which my dad bought for me when I was 11 years old and I still have it.

“I was keen to get into the older car scene.

“This Model A Phaeton is a real beauty and I am thrilled to have this car for the year.

“Peter Garrett’s offer is a very generous gesture.”

Mr Gordon-Colebrooke and Mr Garrett both signed a formal agreement covering car use, maintenance and insurance.

Mr Gordon-Colebrooke was then able to drive away in the vehicle with a promise to keep all informed of the experience over the forthcoming year.

The project was supported by insurance brokers Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance.