Unemployment down again

John Howell MP
John Howell MP

The number of people out of work in the constituency has fallen again, with just 429 people now claiming unemployment benefits.

The figures, released by the Office for National Statistics, give the Henley constituency the third lowest number of unemployed claimants in the country.

The number of claimants, recorded last month, is 168 lower than in December 2012 and 10 lower than in November 2013.

The figures also revealed there are just 10 people aged 18 to 24 unemployed in Thame.

The town’s MP, John Howell, said: “This is very good economic news in anyone’s books. Coming straight on the heels of the excellent IMF assessment of growth in the UK which has estimated an increase in the 2014 figure to 2.4%, this shows that our long-term economic plan is working. It is particularly good news for this constituency where unemployment has fallen yet again this month.”

The number of claimants in the Henley constituency represents 0.9% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64.