Under fire firm Plan Care ‘has turned things around’ says watchdog

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A FIRM slammed for its failure to provide adequate home care has now turned things round, says a health watchdog.

Plan Care, contracted by Bucks County Council, was under fire last November when complaints were made from Herald readers about medication, staffing, timings, capability and the firm’s attitude.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) described the firm’s service as ‘totally unacceptable’ in January.

But six months down the line, the commission has issued a new report, stating the firm has made significant improvements.

There still remain problems, which the watchdog says it has ‘minor concerns’ about, such as the care and welfare of patients, and there remain ‘moderate concerns’ over the firm’s management of medicines.

It still believes people’s health is being affected as a direct result of this.

Head of care at the firm, Julian Hutchings, said: “Plan Care recognises that significant improvements needed to be made to our service.

“We have worked very hard to implement improvements and believe we now have a service which is fit for purpose and compliant with the requirements of the Health and Social Care Act.

“We note the report identifies improvements must continue to be made and identifies some issues around medication.

“We have addressed the issues and believe had CQC visited a couple of weeks later than they did, they would not have identified areas for improvement.

“We would like to invite anyone interested in working in care or who had to leave us, to contact us as we are continuing to recruit staff.”

Patricia Birchley, for health and social care at Bucks County Council, said: “We have seen a huge improvement in Plan Care, although we will continue to monitor it closely.

“I would like to thank the Herald for the interest it has taken in this matter.”