UKIP furious after police derail HS2 protest

UKIP protest outside Chequers
UKIP protest outside Chequers

UKIP has made an official complaint against the police after armed officers put a stop to their HS2 protests.

The party was touring the county on Saturday in a campaign truck playing the Thomas Tank Engine theme tune when, on two separate occasions, it was swooped on by officers.

After the second time, officers told Vale UKIP leader Chris Adams they were not allowed to continue, leaving him furious and demanding answers.

He said: “We had been travelling through the county and when we were in Wendover, we decided that as a publicity stunt we would drive up to the gates at Chequers and use it as a photo opportunity.

“We had no idea whether the Prime Minister would be there or not but we just wanted to make our point.”

It is understood that David Cameron was indeed spending the weekend at Chequers.

The lorry and its driver, hired from an external company, continued towards Aylesbury before being stopped by armed police in Butlers Cross, just two miles away from the PM’s countryside retreat.

The police officer took their details before allowing the truck to continue its journey into Aylesbury.

However, Mr Adams said: “I then received a phone call from the police asking the lorry to stop and wait for us so we pulled over in Walton Court.”

Forty minutes later the police finally arrived and said the driver had an issue which his licence which meant he was not allowed to continue.

Mr Adams then volunteered to take to the wheel himself but police prevented him from doing so, ordering that the truck be towed away.

Mr Adams said: “I asked the police if I could take over driving the vehicle and they said no. I then said that there was another driver from the company 30 minutes away who could take over but again the officer said no.

“I asked why we were not allowed to continue and the officer said he was using his discretion.

“I feel this incident was politically motivated.”

Mr Adams told Nigel Farage about the incident and he said the UKIP leader remarked it was ‘unbelieveable’.

Thames Valley Police said in a statement: “A complaint has been made by Chris Adams to Thames Valley Police, therefore it would be inappropriate for the force to comment any further while it is being investigated.”