TV Licensing urges A-level students in Thame to ‘think finance’ and budget for university

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TV Licensing is encouraging students in Thame who are preparing for university to budget for a TV Licence and purchase early in the academic year.

As students from Thame celebrate their A-Level results this week, TV Licensing is reminding those heading to university for the first time to think about their finances before starting their first year of student life.

As well as choosing the perfect laptop and buying essentials for student digs, many students will be planning their budget for the year.

Victoria Sykes, TV Licensing spokeswoman, said: “August is a crucial time for students to check when a TV licence is needed, as well as the payment options available. With A-level results about to arrive, students all around the UK will be preparing for the start of university life. In this exciting time of planning, budgeting and getting organised, it’s important students understand they’ll need their own TV Licence for student accommodation.

“There are a number of ways to pay for your licence, for example as a one-off payment, or by smaller Direct Debit instalments.

“Another good reason for planning ahead is the student refund - anyone who buys a TV Licence at the start of term in September could qualify for a refund when they move back home for the summer holidays. Refunds can be claimed on any three full calendar months before a licence expires, offering cash-back of around £37.”

Phil Davis, Chairperson of the National Association of Student Money Advisers, said:

“With so much to consider at the start of their course, it’s really helpful TV Licensing are promoting the importance of financial matters to students. Budgeting is an essential method of managing financial independence. Raising awareness of the ways students can pay for a TV Licence, and the refunds available is a welcome initiative.”

A TV Licence is required by law to watch or record any programmes at the same time as they are shown on TV, regardless of the equipment used. This includes laptops, tablets and mobile phones. With 99%* of students taking laptops to university and the wide range of smartphones and tablets now able to stream live TV over the internet, TV Licensing is reminding students, and their parents, to be correctly licensed if they want to watch TV in their student accommodation.

A TV Licence is needed for watching or recording any programme as it is shown on television. Students watching live TV in student accommodation without a TV Licence risk breaking the law, prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000. A TV Licence can be bought easily in minutes by visiting