TV experts on hand to help train your doggie

Anna Webb with her beloved dog Molly
Anna Webb with her beloved dog Molly

A self-confessed dog 
obsessive who has appeared as an expert on a string of TV and radio shows is now 
showing pet owners how train their pooches.

Anna Webb recently moved from London to Long Crendon with her dog Molly and cat Gremlin.

And for the past month, the broadcaster and naturopath, and her business partner Jo Good have been running Crendon Canines, a dog training session for young and old pets at the Village Hall.

Anna, who discovered her love of dogs aged eight, when her father became the secretary of RSPCA Shropshire, said: “The sessions are going really well and we are getting more and more dogs every week.

“Puppies and older dogs are welcome, because we believe that you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

And when looking after her own pets, Anna believes that a natural, not conventional approach is best. She has treated them using methods including homeopathy, acupuncture and vitamin supplements.

She said: “When my dog Molly became ill it was a real landmark moment,

“She’s still not 100% but if we hadn’t taken the plunge and turned our backs on conventional medicine she wouldn’t be here right now.

“She’s 12 and I decided that it would be best for us all to get out of London because the air quality is so much better in Long Crendon.”

Anna first met Jo when they were filming a documentary for the BBC. Their friendship led to the Sky series A Different Breed, a weekly blog for the Independent newspaper, a book and co-hosting The Barking Hour, a weekly radio show for dogs and their people on BBC London.

The pair are also regular guests on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh show and have interviewed the likes of Robbie Williams and Bryan Adams.

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