Tubby tabby makes great escape from neutering

Missing Tinks
Missing Tinks

A tubby male cat who was initialy mistaken for a pregnant female escaped from his cage moments before he was due to be neutered – and his distraught family are offering £100 for anyone who can find him.

Tinks, who lives with the Maxwells in Haddenham, burst out of his basket as the family’s au pair was carrying him to get neutered at the Hampden vets in Anchor Lane, Aylesbury.

The one-year-old Tabby ran off towards Wilkinson’s and although there have been a couple of possible sightings in Mill Street, Tinks is still missing after a week.

Owner Victoria Maxwell, who works for BBC Radio 4’ Today Programme, said: “I burst into tears when I heard because he’s so important to the three children.

“I ran for the next train from London and went straight to look for him.”

Tinks is a family cat and is ‘dearly loved’ by Kate, 10, Teddy, 6, and Patrick, 9.

Mrs Maxwell, 44, said: “He is a village cat so he will be scared by the centre of Aylesbury.

“I took Kate with me to look but she found that quite distressing, reminding her that maybe she wasn’t going to find him.

“People say they can make their way home but it’s quite a way back to Haddenham!”

She added: “Last week we discovered Tinks was not the pregnant girl we thought she was but a male cat who’d put on a bit of weight. The vet suggested we have him neutered to prevent roaming and whiffing.”

She said the cat is named after the fairy Tinkerbell.

Tinks has a ‘leopard-like coat’ with white paws, a white chest, two little black dots either side of his pink nose and no collar.

Anyone with any information, please call Liam Maxwell on 07967077294.