‘Try our new sound’

90s band dodgy (today)
90s band dodgy (today)

ICONIC 90s band Dodgy are bringing their ‘grown-up sound’ to Tring’s comedy festival this summer – an event they believe will continue growing, despite other festivals being cancelled because of the recession.

The three-piece are famous for hits including Staying Out For The Summer and Good Enough – but as drummer Mathew Priest proudly points out their new album has received the best reviews of their careers.

90s band dodgy (today)

90s band dodgy (today)

He said: “We are not trying to be ourselves from 20 years ago, we have grown up and grown beards and are talking about stuff that affects us now.” The show on July 6 will feature tracks from all five of their studio albums, including some of their best known songs which Priest admits would be silly to ignore.

However the 42 year old, who lives near Stonehenge, has vowed he will never embark on a greatest hits tour. He said: “It is a bit of a cul-de-sac, people do come to see you once but are they going to come and see you again?

“If we were just a band that played songs we did 20 years ago then we wouldn’t be together.

“We were under a certain amount of pressure in 2008 when we first got back together. But we just took our time and made sure it was the best stuff we had ever recorded.

“We did a tour before the album was released, where we played it from start to finish.

“The reaction was amazing, although the audience size was smaller than if we had done a greatest hits tour, say.

“But what surprised us with the use of social media was that by the end of the tour we had people turning up knowing the words to songs which hadn’t been released yet.

“Then when the reviews came in they were the best of our careers.”

The musician has also praised the organisers of the Tringe Comedy Festival for not ‘pigeonholing’ themselves and ‘thinking creatively’ about this year’s line-up.

He said: “The industry has completely changed, there is not the money sloshing around.

“In the 90s bands were paid big advances but now it is not the same as it was. It is really tough out there.

“You are going to see some real casualties this year and a lot of festivals going down. I think the festivals and events that are going to survive have got be creative – and I guess people would like some light relief from all the comedy!”

> Dodgy perform at the Court Theatre at Pendley in Tring on Friday July 6 from 9pm. Tickets are £15.

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