True impact of HS2 revealed


The horrific impact of HS2’s construction in Aylesbury Vale has become clear as the high speed rail bill is published.

Today’s Bucks Herald includes a four-page summary of the relevant sections from the 50,000-page document and outlines the disturbances to 300 sites on the Vale roads, public footpaths and common land.

The summary explains that work will be undertaken at more than 100 sites for the track which includes a realignment of the existing train line between Aylesbury and Princess Risborough and diversions of oil and gas pipelines near Stone.

A total of 150 public footpaths and bridleways will be disturbed, including 21 in Wendover and 19 in Stoke Mandeville.

Streets such as Bacombe Lane, Pound Street and Ellesborough Road will be altered while 20 open spaces, including Aylesbury playing fields and the site of former St Mary the virgin church in Stoke Mandeville, will be acquired by the government.

21 Vale houses will be compulsory purchased kicking more than 40 people out of their homes.

The report states construction for the £50 billion project, due to start in 2017, will require the demolition of 339 dwellings, 21 community facilities and two sites of special scientific interest nationwide.