Trio steal hundreds from salon owner in distraction burglary

Lisa Giglio and owner Ellen Aubrey
Lisa Giglio and owner Ellen Aubrey

A businesswoman has been forced to improve security after her salon was a victim of a distraction burglary.

Ellen Aubrey, who owns 4beauty in Whitchurch, had more than £300 stolen on Saturday at 1pm by one woman and two young girls.

Ms Aubrey said: “I would not want anyone to go through this. They were not the sort of people who generally go into our salon.”

The women came into the shop and distracted Ms Aubrey’s colleague, Lisa Giglio, while one went to the toilet and stole the money, an iPad and iPhone.

Ms Aubrey said: “They left the shop very quickly and we realised what had happened. We ran after them and confronted them down the bottom of the high street.”

The salon owner added she and Ms Giglio became embroiled in a ‘scuffle’ with them and managed to reclaim the phone and iPad before the trio escaped in a silver Mondeo.

It was only later that the former Aylesbury College student discovered the missing money.

Ms Aubrey said that although she had alarms at the building she has since installed CCTV and may get panic buttons for her staff.

Thames Valley Police said an investigation was still ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.