Tributes to popular Una’s newsagent who fled Idi Amin’s Uganda

Sarojben Kantibhai Patel
Sarojben Kantibhai Patel

A popular and well known newsagent who worked in the town for over 20 years has died after a short illness.

Sarojben Kantibhai Patel ran Una’s News in Buckingham Street, Aylesbury with her husband Kantibhai.

They came to this country from Uganda in 1972, first settling in Leicester before moving to Aylesbury in 1989.

Mr Patel said: “We ran the shop together, and she knew a lot of people in the town, she was a very friendly lady.”

The couple retired from running the shop a few years ago. Mr Patel said: “It was very busy running a newsagent seven days a week from five in the morning until 7.30pm. We were the biggest newspaper suplier for the local community and delivered papers to 1,400 customers.”

Mrs Patel, a devoted wife, mother and grandmother, was a very keen, good cook and enjoyed helping out in the community.

She also enjoyed going on holiday twice a year with her husband to places which included Barbados, India and Portugal.

Mr and Mrs Patel, who lived in Weston Turville had one daughter Rekha who lives in Farnham Common, and two sons Kamlesh, who lives in Aylesbury, and Yetin who lives in Portugal.

Mrs Patel had nine grandchildren, including her grandson Akash, 19, who lived with her and her husband for many years and who still lives with Mr Patel.

Mrs Patel first had cancer in 1989 and survived for 23 years before she suddenly became ill again in November last year.

She died on January 4 and her funeral was held at Amersham crematorium later in the month.

Mr Patel said: “She died very peacefully, we were all together. My wife was a very lovely lady, I miss her, we all miss her.”