Tributes to ‘happy go lucky’ dad at centre of murder probe

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THE family of a ‘happy-go-lucky’ father feared to have been murdered in Aylesbury on Sunday have paid tribute to him.

Fred Dakin, 38, of Argyle Avenue, Aylesbury, was found dead on the street near his flat at around 8.30pm on Sunday evening after police were called out by a member of the public who had seen him collapse.

Fred Dakin

Fred Dakin

After discovering Mr Dakin lying in the street, officers arrested three men living in flats nearby, aged 52, 56 and 32 on suspicion of murder.

These men have since been bailed to return to Aylesbury police station on June 23.

The cause of his death remains unknown, and a post mortem on Monday proved inconclusive. Officers are now awaiting toxicology results.

Police have also said there is no evidence of external trauma to Mr Dakin’s body, therefore any suspicions of a stabbing or violent attack have been ruled out.

Mr Dakin’s mother Alice Delderfield of Penn Road, Aylesbury, says the whole family has been devastated by the news.

“Fred had a little girl, aged around 14 or 15. But she’s now moved out of Aylesbury.

“The best way to describe Fred is that if he had only a penny and you asked for it, he’d happily have given it to you. If you were broken down and called him, he’d always be the one who would come and find you.

“He was a cheerful, happy-go-lucky chap – that’s the best way to describe him.

“When I found out he’d been found dead, it was just panic stations. There’s really no way of describing what I was feeling.

“The family just devastated.

“Fred was mainly into motor mechanics, which he worked in for a while, until he got a disease in his hand which left him unemployed. He’d only just had an operation on his hand – they were trying to straighten his fingers.

“He used to like to go fishing as well.

“He’s a boy that will be really missed – badly.”

Meanwhile, Mr Dakin’s sister Aliceellen Frith, of Highbridge Walk, Aylesbury, has described him as a family man, passionate about both mechanics and animals.

“He loved helping anybody and everybody,” she said.

“He was a fun person who loved cars and animals – he had fish, birds and dogs.

“I was so shocked when I found out –he’s only two years younger than I am.

“The first thing I thought was ‘great, I’m 40 this year and I was supposed to be having a big party – how can I have a big party now?’

“Fred was just such a bubbly character who was always there for the family. There’s a lot of memories I would like to share, but I’m trying to stop myself from crying as it is.”

Mr Dakin was also well-loved by neighbours, according to his friend of six years, Carl Potts, who lives in the one of the flats just below where he lived.

“He’d help anybody,” said the 51-year-old of Argyle Avenue.

“I know he drank a fair bit. He was just trying to get by. Fred was a lovable rogue, always playing practical jokes and teasing my dog.

“I just felt totally numb when I found out about his death. I’d known him for about six years – he moved in at the same time as I did.

“Fred always used to say exactly what he thought. Even if people didn’t like it sometimes. He also loved helping out his friends.

“I know he had a girlfriend, but I’d never met her – it was early days.

“Fred would come round here a couple of times a month, whenever he was feeling down and we’ve have a natter.

“I’ll really miss him – and so will my mum who lives opposite his flat. He always used to watch out for her.”

Supt George Wrigley, of Thames Valley Police, said: “The man who has died and the three men who have been arrested all appear to know each other and we are not looking for anyone else as part of this investigation.

“Naturally, there is likely to be some speculation and rumours circulating but I would stress that there is absolutely nothing for them to be concerned about.”