Road to success? First places announced for £25 million resurfacing programme

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The county council has announced the first 57 roads it will resurface as part of a £25 million two year plan in Bucks.

Transport for Bucks will spend £10 million across the county as part of the We’re Working On It programme between April 2013 and March 2014.

Some of the main Vale roads to be repaired include the High Street, Griffin Lane and Lower Road in Stoke Mandeville.

£10 million will be spent in the first year and council transport guru Peter Hardy said: “With the recent wet winter we are eager to get our road treatment programme back underway.

“Now that we have confirmation of the £10 million budget for the next year’s work, I am delighted that we can now announce the news the public have been waiting for - the names of the first tranche of 57 roads to be treated this year.”

Mr Hardy said the investment would help address a large backlog of repair work, but only enabled the treatment of a small percentage of the roads in need of repair in Bucks.

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