Road repairs begin in earnest as county repeats demand for more government funding

Martin Tett: Leader of Buckinghamshire County Council
Martin Tett: Leader of Buckinghamshire County Council
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The first road to be treated as part of the county council’s We’re Working On It 2013 programme was Whaddon Road, Mursley, on Tuesday.

The county council has invested £30 million in Bucks’ roads in the past two years with £28 million more pledged for the next two years after an extra £3 million was added last month.

Council leader Martin Tett said: ”It’s very important that we are seen as a county council to respond to what residents want.

“This is not just £3 million, it is an extra £3 million in addition to the £25 million already committed in the budget for road surfacing over the next two years. “And this is on top of the £11 million we spend each year on basic repairs.

“Even with this extra money we don’t have enough resources to repair all of our roads so we call on the Government to capital fund a major upgrade.”

Planning and transportation guru Janet Blake said: “I’m very pleased the programme is now underway and Whaddon Road in Mursley is the first site.

“The ‘We’re Working On It’ programme has seen excellent results: last year we treated 178 roads, achieving a customer satisfaction rate of 82%.

“We’ll be looking to continue and improve this good work over the next two years.”