Trailer released for Aylesbury film backed by Sir Ian McKellen and Kevin Spacey

Luke Mordue with the script for Fallen Angels
Luke Mordue with the script for Fallen Angels

A trailer has been released by an Aylesbury filmmaker whose work is supported by Hollywood stars Sir Ian McKellen and Kevin Spacey.

The production, called Fallen Angels, cost £4,000 to make and both Hollywood actors donated £500 each to ensure it was made.

Luke Mordue, of Elmhurst, wrote to the stars last year to tell them about the project and appeal for support.

He said: “I never thought in a million years my first micro budget feature film would have ‘supported by Ian McKellen & The Kevin Spacey Foundation’ in the titles.

“I will be sending them both a copy over the next couple of months once the film is 100% completed.

“This money will go towards trying to advertise the film, to create a buzz as much as I can about it before I enter it into festivals in spring, summer and autumn.

“I will be opening a kick-starter fund to try and raise enough to be able to apply to all the relevant film festivals as admission is not cheap. “But that’s the next step. At the moment I am just focusing on getting the thing put together.”

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