Tracking down the real Midsomer Murder locations around Thame

Author Chris Behan
Author Chris Behan

FANS of the long-running drama series Midsomer Murders can now track down the real locations with the help of a new book.

The Thames Valley, Aylesbury Vale and the Chilterns make up the deadly fictional county of Midsomer.

Now ‘Exploring Midsomer: The Towns and Villages at the Murderous Heart of England’ reveals the picturesque locations of the hit detective series.

They include Thame, a popular location for the Midsomer Murders production team, Long Crendon, where the nineteenth-century look and Tudor manor house made it a regular filming spot, and Haddenham, one of the few places in the series referred to by its real name.

The author, Chris Behan, travelled 5,000 miles and took 3,500 photographs to produce it.

Mr Behan, who spent much of his life living in Brill, said: “It has been unreal. I have really enjoyed every minute of it.

“It’s an exciting new career for me. I never planned to write a book.”

The book, published by the History Press at £12.99, includes more than 190 photographs from across the region and is perfect for weekend outings.